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Even if it’s just a day or two, business trips can be a real pain. To-ing and fro-ing, late nights, dodgy hotel WIFI… the list goes on. We’ve found one of the main disruptions faced by business travellers comes in the form of food. It’s just so easy to grab a large latte on the train, or nibble on a croissant as a mid-morning snack. In fact, 58% of a group of 1000 regular business travellers believed that they can easily consume anywhere between 250 and 1500 extra calories per day than they would normally!

We want you to be in tip-top condition while you’re away on business, that’s why we’ve got some simple tips to share that will help you when you’re next on the road.


Eat well

It’s easy for good eating habits to fly out of the window when you’re away on business, so you need to be on it when it comes to food. Make sure you have a solid breakfast to set you up for the day and try not to snack on unhealthy foods in between meals. Instead, have a protein bar or some fruit to keep you topped up and energised. For dinner, we know the whole ‘table-for-one’ thing can be a bit awkward, but don’t reach for the takeaway pizza straight away. At Roomzzz, all of our rooms come with a fully-fitted kitchen, so you can grab some ingredients at the local shop and cook up a storm in the comfort of your own apartment. Delicious, nutritious meal and zero awkwardness. Winner!

Have a plan of action

Business trips can be stressful, and stress is one of the worst things for you. One way to ease the strain is to have a clear plan of action. If you know you need to wine and dine clients, have a couple of bar and restaurant suggestions to hand. If you know you need to attend a meeting first thing, make sure you have your clothes laid out the night before and have a transport plan in place that allows time for delays. Of course, you can’t prepare for every eventuality, but anything you can do to minimise last-minute panic will work wonders for your mindset.


Remember to switch off

Just because a business trip is called a ‘business trip’, that doesn’t mean there’s no leisure time allowed. You’re away to work, but you also need to rest and take good care of yourself; especially given how intense business travel can be. You’ll have your laptop with you and your inbox open, but at a certain point you need to know when to switch off. Stick Netflix on and watch a new TV series or curl up in bed with a good book. Whatever you’re into, just make sure you take time to chill out and recharge. Here at Roomzzz, there’s enough space in our apartments for you to do a full-on yoga sesh if you really want to get your Zen on!

Get a good sleep

In our survey, 33% of business travellers said a super comfy bed was at the top of their business travel wish list, which just shows how important a good sleep is. When you’ve been up early, worked all day and been out schmoozing clients all night, you’re going to be exhausted. A solid sleep is essential, and our 2,000 sprung mattresses are just the ticket for a restful night, but you need to do some stuff at your end too! Try and have a cut-off time for bed so you don’t go to sleep too late, wake up tired, and have to force yourself to run on an empty tank the next day. Also, a big no-go before bed is technology, so don’t crawl under the duvet with your phone and laptop intact. Getting your mind active and staring at bright screens just before bed isn’t the way to a good sleep, so leave them on the bedside table and focus on your zzz’s.


At Roomzzz, we do our best to make your stay as much of an enjoyable home-away-from-home experience as possible, and we hope these top tips help you ace your next business trip! If you want to stay with us on business, check our availability here. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can work out exactly what you need – then a great rate to match!

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