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What Is An Aparthotel? And What To Expect…

Travelling, working and celebrating; in their own way all these activities can be exhausting. So at the end of the day you want space and comfort and you want that delivered in a stress-free way. But even at a high-end hotel where you are paying top dollar, you might only get the standard comforts of a bed and a shower. This is where an aparthotel can offer you space to call your own and an array of home comforts which help you unwind.

So what is an aparthotel? Well, you might have worked out already that it offers the best aspects of a hotel, along with the extra space, amenities and comfort of an apartment. So that means every aparthotel should offer you a bed, a bathroom and some storage space for clothes as a basic requirement, but it will also offer you living space, dedicated work space and a fully-equipped kitchen. This gives you room to be yourself; a vital need when you are away from home for an extended period.

A serviced apartment goes a little bit further….

Another term used to describe aparthotels is ‘serviced apartments’. This is because the apartment itself is not the only feature included in the deal. Most aparthotels also offer a 24-hour reception and concierge, daily housekeeping and free drinks machines. So you are not just paying for a supreme and stylish apartment, but the services which are also provided to make your stay a welcoming and luxurious one. And in that sense, a receptionist is part of the service, so they are not just a friendly face in an unfamiliar city but can offer restaurant recommendations, directions, and even take delivery of your parcels.

You may also find an aparthotel offers an on-site gym, free WiFi and free Grab & Go breakfast facilities. These are another area where an aparthotel goes one step further than a hotel, in providing the guest with amenities which they might enjoy at home and don’t usually expect when away.

Flexible stays for flexible travellers

Aparthotels and serviced apartments offer flexible stays, which could be one night, one week, one month or even more. In this sense, they are ideal for business travellers who may be seconded for a temporary work placement and need corporate housing, but some home comforts too. And with a serviced apartment they have the space and facilities to invite the family over at the weekend. Your apartment will have dedicated workspace and also facilities for you to host meetings, conferences and to entertain clients.

Serviced apartments are also ideal for city break travellers exploring the sites and attractions, and for groups of friends celebrating a milestone occasion. Here you can combine privacy and communal living, with lots of tech and a central location close to bars, restaurants and attractions.

If a family staycation is what you’re looking for, why not take advantage of our City Escapezzz packages for stays between 3 and 5 nights at great prices.

Ultimately an aparthotel goes one step further, so if you want a big city stay on a flexible basis serviced apartments in Leeds, London, Manchester, Chester, Nottingham, Newcastle, York or anywhere can offer spacious, high-quality living in a central location, and a home away from home.

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