6 reasons why aparthotels are best for extended stays

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Room to be yourself

Forget boxy hotel rooms and outdated décor and say hello to space, comfort and service. Aparthotels provide more comfort and space than the average hotel room with more safety and service than the average serviced apartment. Right in the sweet spot of the city for families, worker bees, dreamers, and adventurers. At Roomzzz, you’ll even find those added little luxuries that have been handpicked to take your stay up a level. Here are all the reasons why we believe that aparthotels are a no brainer for extended stays:

Enough room to swing a cat

Ok, let’s not take this literally but there really is so much more space in your apartment than in your average hotel room. More space means more freedom to use your apartment in the best way that works for you. Relax, cook, work, work out or do cartwheels in your pyjamas whilst singing your favourite show tunes, we’re not judging – it’s your apartment after all.

Complimentary Grab & Go breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we’ve all had those days where a few extra minutes in bed seem sooooo much more appealing than getting up at the crack of dawn, whipping up a meal and then having to convince yourself that it holds some form of nutritional value. Now imagine having to do that in a hotel room with little more than a kettle and a mini-fridge (if you’re lucky!) At Roomzzz, complimentary grab & go breakfast is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year between 6:30am and 10:30am to allow for a few of those all-essential snooze button taps. Freshly baked pastries, fruit, yoghurts, porridge sachets and fruit juices, all available to grab and head out for the day, or grab ‘em and go back to bed if that’s more your style!

Free bean to cup coffee & hot drinks

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of splashing a few too many pounds on high street coffee. I mean who doesn’t love that feeling of being handed a freshly brewed coffee by an expert barista who has handcrafted the perfect cappuccino just for you…And then even goes to the effort creating of a whole new spelling for your name that you didn’t even know was possible? A recent survey showed that the average Brit drinks 676 cups of coffee per year, it’s no secret that those little cups of espresso heaven can cause some damage to the old purse strings. Now imagine those being FREE! We know, crazy right? Roomzzz has complimentary bean to cup coffee (and other hot drinks) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any day, any time, whenever you fancy, all included in your extended stay package.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Different amounts, different days and different frequencies. We get it, they need to be paid but do they need to be so complicated? The answer is no. When you book an aparthotel for an extended stay, you pay one price, and everything’s included. By everything, we mean electric, gas, council tax, water, TV license, unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi and even a spot of housekeeping once a week. No hidden costs, no sudden price hikes and no complicated termination clauses designed to catch you out.

All is well and all is sorted

It is not uncommon for a hotel or serviced apartment to have a reception desk but it’s by far one of the most overlooked benefits of an extended stay in an aparthotel. A 24-hour team of hosts available to help with any query, full of local knowledge or even just a friendly face to greet you, whatever the time of day. But let’s not forget the best bit. Never miss a parcel again. No more wasting the majority of your day waiting around for the delivery man. A 24-hour reception team is available to sign for your package and have it waiting for you for when you get back.

Security and reliability

When you’re living in the heart of some of the UK’s most major cities, it always helps to have extra peace of mind knowing you and your apartment are safe and secure. Aparthotels offer a safe and reliable home away from home. At Roomzzz, you can relax knowing that you are in an ISAAP accredited property meaning that every step has been taken to deliver the highest standard of guest wellbeing.

Ultimately an aparthotel goes one step further, so if you want a big city stay from a week, a month or even a year, you may be looking in the perfect place. At Roomzzz, choose from luxury apartments in the heart of the city of Leeds, London Stratford, Manchester, Chester, Nottingham, Newcastle, or York.

Enquire today by calling our friendly Central Reservations team on 0203 504 5555 or email reservations@roomzzz.com – Available from 8.00am – 8.00pm Monday – Friday and 8.00am – 6.00pm on weekends and bank holidays.

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