5 Ways To Get A Relaxing Night’s Sleep At Roomzzz Aparthotel

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At Roomzzz Aparthotel, we pride ourselves on enabling our guests to get a good night’s sleep. Our 2000 pocket sprung mattresses are custom made and our pillows are supremely comfortable allowing anyone to get to sleep with ease. But, how can you ensure that you get a relaxing night’s sleep at a Roomzzz Aparthotel? Here are some ideas to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed the next day…

Make Your Room Dark

Just like daylight can help us keep awake, a dark space can help you sleep better. It’s all to do with your natural timekeeping clock called your circadian rhythm. A dark room will increase your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy, therefore increasing your chances of getting a relaxing night’s sleep at Roomzzz. The curtains at all our hotels do a great job of blocking out any ambient light from outside minimizing any disruption to your sleep.

Switch Off Your Electronics

Any blue light from phones, TVs and laptops can be particularly disruptive to a good night’s sleep. We know it’s not always possible but try and decrease using these electronics 1-2 hours before bedtime. That way the blue light won’t interfere with you getting a good 8 hours.

Exercise At Roomzzz Aparthotels

Exercising during the day can hugely help you get a relaxing night’s sleep. It’s been shown that exercise can help reduce symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea. At Roomzzz Manchester City Corn Exchange and Roomzzz London Stratford, there are gyms on site so you can exercise at your leisure. At our other Roomzzz Aparthotel sites, some offer discount passes for nearby gyms or alternatively, you can work out in your room – there’s always plenty of space!

Try Not To Have Coffee

Everyone knows that caffeine has an energising effect so try not to have too much close to bedtime. We know it might be difficult with the free bean to cup coffee on offer at Roomzzz but it’ll still be there in the morning when you get up!

Read A Book

Swap your phone for a book and get into the right frame of mind for relaxation. Reading a good book can easily take your mind off any of the day’s worries and problems and if you’re not thinking about what’s happened in the day, you’ll more than likely nod off with ease!

Ensure Your Room Is The Right Environment

Is the temperature optimum in your room? Are you in a quiet environment? Is your bed comfortable? If something isn’t right in your room, you’ll know about it the next morning. If you need anything at Roomzzz Aparthotels to make your room more comfortable, please let reception know and we’ll hopefully be able to help. We don’t want anyone having a bad sleep!

Take A Bath Or Shower

One way to fully relax is to take a nice long bath or shower. All Roomzzz Aparthotel en-suites have either a bath or shower – some have both – so pamper yourself before bed and get into relaxation mode before you even hit the hay.

Do you have any more tips on having a relaxing night’s sleep? If you stay at Roomzzz Aparthotels, let us know on social by using #Roomzzz. You could end up winning a free night at a Roomzzz Aparthotel location of your choice!

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