Best Places to Meet For a Coffee In Leeds

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There is something about seeing a cosy-looking coffee shop and smelling the comforting aroma of an Americano that sends ‘I want’ signals off in your brain. Leeds has no shortage of cafes where you can meet up with friends and have a good old catch up over tea or coffee and cakes.

There are so many independent cafes, chains and quirky little coffee shops to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. If you are looking for something a bit special then look no further, these are some of the best cafés Leeds has to offer.

Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom

Based in a Victorian Arcade in Leeds City Centre the Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom offers you a chance to step back in time and enjoy a very traditional and very British Afternoon Tea. With over 90 types of tea and a huge selection of other beverages including coffee, soft drinks and even Prosecco there is a lot to choose from.  You can also indulge in sandwiches, baked goods, breakfasts or just keep it very traditional.

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Laynes Espresso

Laynes Espresso offers a range of espressos and brewed coffee from all around the world. They also have a small menu of sweet treats, sandwiches and breakfasts. With such a glowing reputation as being one of the best coffee houses in Leeds it is always a hype of activity. Being tiny in size doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer big, bold flavours; there is no doubt you will find something you like at this café.

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Nichols Vegetarian Delicatessen

As a relatively new café Nichols Vegetarian Delicatessen has done well to make it to one of the most popular places to meet your friend in Leeds. As well as a selection of delicious warm drinks the café offers up a range of sandwiches, salads and light lunches, all made freshly on site. They aim to only offer locally sourced organic food, so you know it will be tasty.

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La Bottega Milanese

Lucky for you there are now two of these Espresso Bars in Leeds on Bond Court and The Light. They locally source coffee beans from the roasters Grumpy Mule so you know you are getting decent, fresh coffee. They also offer coffee direct from Italy, so you can indulge in a modern day Italian coffee if you so wish.  They’re mantra is ‘If it’s not from Italy it’s from Yorkshire’. Most importantly, they pride themselves on creating a strong social scene. So whether you want to go there to meet your friends, or go to network with colleagues the La Bottega Milanese caters for all.

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Sociable Folk

As it says on the tin ‘Sociable Folk’ is a coffeehouse for those who want to meet up with your friends for a carefree stress-less experience. The Café allows you to serve up your own coffee and tea and pay with an honesty box, meaning you no longer need to queue for ages. You can get down, quickly, to the real reason you are there – to drink coffee and chat with your friends.

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