Five fab burger joints in Newcastle

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In just about any major British city, Newcastle included, you’ll no doubt notice that there seem to be a number of burger joints popping up. Some are part of larger chains, whilst others are independent and loving it, but how good are they?

From the heart of the city centre to the posh suburbs like Jesmond, we pick out five such joints that will have you clamouring for more, whether you like them rare or well-done.

Fat Hippo, 35a St George’s Terrace, Jesmond, NE2 2SU

While this local chain of gourmet burger bars now has branches in the city centre and Durham, Fat Hippo’s original location in Jesmond is without doubt the best. Its menu includes Stinky Pete, a towering masterpiece of a double burger topped with blue cheese, onion jam and jalapeños and its signature burger, The Fat Hippo.

Amazingly, this one comes loaded with tremendous toppings – chorizo, streaky bacon, onion rings and cheese – this should just be an occasional treat! The extensive drinks menu has Fat Hippo’s own IPA and lager, not to mention ‘Naughty Shakes’ – milkshakes with an adult twist!

Burgerstop, 35 The Side, NE1 3JE

Just a brisk walk away from the train station, Burgerstop is for those who want an unfussy bite to eat before dancing the night away. Its’ simple menu includes the must-try The Big Cheese, which has its own in-house sauce and, if you’re tired of beef, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, comprised of deep-fried chicken fillet and homemade tarragon mayo.

Burgerstop’s other main selling point is that it plays real music. That, coupled with a drinks menu serving spirits and craft ales for surprisingly reasonable prices mean that you can spend an inexpensive night out here without wanting to leave.

Jam Jar, 88 Osborne Road, Jesmond, NE2 2AP

Back up north to Jesmond, Jam Jar is a worthy rival to nearby Fat Hippo, but with one key difference – it does deliveries as well! Although the burgers are definitely the star of the show – the Cow vs Pig, where pulled pork meets a chuck steak burger, there’s plenty more to order when dining in.

The Flat Iron Steak and Bistro Rump steak are recommended, as is the Caesar Salad. The starters, particularly the crispy Pulled Pork Taco, stand out too. If you’re feeling lazy and just want to order out, all the greatest hits, plus the super-spicy El Pablo, are available.

The Town Wall, Pink Lane, NE1 5HX

More of a gastropub than a straight-up burger joint, The Town Wall’s elegant surroundings are the perfect place to enjoy a classy burger with a side of crispy yet fluffy chips. Their burger menu is limited, but each one is a cut above the fare served up at well-known fast food joints.

Their Korean BBQ Chicken Burger, for example, is made with authentic Bulgogi barbecue sauce and a spicy kimchi slaw. For those among you who don’t eat meat, the White Bean and Lentil Burger is worth a try, topped with creamy dolcelatte cheese. While you’re there, enjoy your food with a glass of champagne!

dAt bAr – 11 Market Street, NE1 6JN

Known as much for its pizza as it is for its burgers and unique name, dAt bAr is a hip, happening kind of restaurant. The menu’s standout item is arguably The Calabrian, a spicy Italian number with Calabrian spicy sausage, red onion rings and, intriguingly, Montgomery Cheddar.

dAt Burger is almost as intriguing, welding sweet and savoury together for a taste sensation. Complementing the beef patty is pulled pork, apple and plum chutney and pecorino. If you’re trying to cut down on carbs, dAt bAr can let you order each of its burgers without a bun for a £1 discount.

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