10 City Centre Spots For Some Quiet Time In Manchester

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Manchester’s city centre is a tightly-packed hive of activity, popular with shoppers, diners and people looking for a great night out. However, if you’re staying at Roomzzz and need a little quiet time in Manchester, where can you go?

Fortunately, there are a few spaces in the centre of Manchester where you can get away from the buzz of the main streets and shopping centres. Here, we pick out 10 of the best spots for quiet time in Manchester, including a few you might not know about.


It may have been intended to be a business and leisure hub, much like Canary Wharf in London, but Spinningfields on the western edge of the city centre is surprisingly peaceful. Head to the garden area along Hardman Boulevard with a book in hand and you’ll feel at peace!

Your Roomzzz Aparthotel Room

Your apartment at Roomzzz is the perfect place for a bit of downtime. Read a book, watch some TV, have a bubble bath. You can truly escape from it all even though you’re right in the heart of the city centre.

St John’s Gardens

Just a few minutes’ walk from Castlefield, St John’s Gardens comprises of a square patch of parkland that sits in the shadow of the Museum of Science and Industry. There are walkways, benches and chairs for you to view the plant life from and the railings add a sense of seclusion.

Cathedral Gardens

In the historic part of Manchester, just south of Manchester Victoria station, Cathedral Gardens are surprisingly quiet given their location. You’re near some of the city’s oldest buildings, namely the cathedral, as well as some newer additions such as the Football Museum and MEN Arena.

St Michael’s Flags and Angel Meadow

A small city-centre park near the NOMA development is a little slice of heaven that’s lovingly tended to by locals. St Michael’s Flags and Angel Meadow is a former pauper’s burial ground that once accommodated a church and it’s a hauntingly beautiful part of Manchester that acts as an oasis in a sea of industry.

Parsonage Gardens

Around a minute’s walk from the banks of the Irwell and Salford, these small gardens are ideally located for a quiet sit-down before the evening rush hour. They also sit in a part of the city where a former college stood, so you can take in the history before getting ready for what the rest of the day throws at you.

Albert Square

While this does play host to some big events such as the Christmas Market, Albert Square can be peaceful most days. With plenty of places to sit, read and/or listen to music, you can do so while marvelling at the Manchester Town Hall, an impressive building that was made later than you think – in the 1930’s.

All Saints Park

Situated near Manchester’s university district, All Saints Park is an ideal place to sit down with a good book while watching everyone go about their daily business. It happens to be located on Oxford Road, which is handy if you need to catch the bus back to town, while the park itself has plenty of shade to escape the warmth of the sun, thanks to its many trees.

Sackville Gardens

This may seem like any other small, inner-city park, but it has one key difference. It is home to a memorial for renowned Mancunian scientist and mathematician Alan Turing, which stands proudly in the middle of Sackville Gardens. Learn more about his works and how important they were while you’re there.

Rochdale Canal Tow Path

Walking along one of the many canals that run through Manchester might not seem that peaceful, but along the Rochdale Canal, you’ll find a few tranquil spots that seem far away from the hustle and bustle. Along there, you’ll find green spaces and views of the Northern Quarter and Ancoats to enjoy.

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