Serviced Apartments vs Hotels

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Why choose serviced apartments over hotels?

When you are planning a big city visit, the automatic impulse is to book a hotel; it’s a tried and tested formula. But there is a way to get much more for your money and much more than you might have expected, and that is by booking a serviced apartment instead.

The difference between staying in a hotel and staying in a serviced apartment is essentially that you can either stay somewhere which is functional and convenient, or you can stay somewhere which is spacious, homely and comfortable and much more on your own terms. In other words, a serviced apartment allows you to live like you would at home, while also enjoying the thrill and adventure of being away.

After all, even the most expensive hotels offer little more than a bed and a bathroom for the night. They are still an impersonal space offering few home comforts, and little opportunity to truly spread out and relax; to be yourself. After a long day at work, or sightseeing or partying, that is all you want. Alternatively, a serviced apartment appreciates your lifestyle and is adaptable to whatever brings you to an unfamiliar city in the first place, be that work, travel or entertainment.

The benefits of a serviced apartment

So what can a serviced apartment in Leeds, London, Manchester, York, Chester, Nottingham or Newcastle offer that a hotel in any one of these locations can’t?

  • Space to live – a comfortable lounge area to chill out and read or watch TV
  • Space to work – dedicated workspace with free WiFi and with facilities to host meetings or conferences
  • Space to cook – a fully-equipped kitchen to entertain guests, clients or friends or to rustle something up for the family
  • Space to be yourself – the ability to replicate elements of your home life while you are away, so that your apartment is cosy, appealing and a home away from home that you enjoy coming back to.

Nothing can replace being at home, but a serviced apartment allows you to enjoy elements of your home life and with a unique ‘serviced’ experience that treats guests like one of the family. This comes from the 24-hour reception service which is much more than just a friendly face welcoming you to a new city, and allows you to build a relationship which can become a vital resource when living somewhere you don’t know.

A service which goes a little bit further

In a hotel you sometimes feel like just a number, and the service you receive, while perfectly acceptable, is often anonymous and mechanical as the staff attend to countless identikit rooms. A serviced apartment, as the name suggests, has service at its heart. So this recognises you as an individual and appreciates your needs, and these are serviced by things like daily housekeeping, a complimentary Grab & Go breakfast in a morning or an on-site gym where you can work out and un-wind.

For an extended stay on flexible terms, the human touch is exactly what you need. So the days of instinctively booking a hotel are over, a serviced apartment is there specifically for you, and you definitely deserve it.

Roomzzz combines the luxury and comfort of a hotel with the flexibility of a serviced apartment. If you’re considering an extended stay in Chester, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham or York, we may have just what you’re looking for.

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