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Franchise partnership opportunities.
When you Invest, so do we.

Roomzzz has a well-established management team with many years of industry experience, as well as running franchises at a corporate and international level, making us the perfect partner for a unique franchise opportunity in the UK.


You will operate under the Roomzzz Aparthotel umbrella as a branded aparthotel recognised for its quality and customer experience. Although our brand is growing, its values are well established - quality building & furnishings, efficient & courteous staff and overall a can do approach.

The Benefits

  • A growing brand synonymous with quality and customer care.
  • An experienced central management team driving the rooms sales and supporting profit maximisation.
  • Competitive build and re-brand costs.
  • A support team working alongside you from the first to last stage of development into opening and then operating.
  • Maximisation of return on investment in a highly competitive environment.


We believe our brand best suits primary and secondary city locations, nationwide. However currently we are actively seeking partners in:

  • Edinburgh
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Cardiff
  • Liverpool
  • Sheffield
  • Key locations in Greater London

The Premises

Whether it's a new build or refurbishment of an existing building, we always blend aesthetics with durable long lasting materials, allowing low cost maintenance and longevity. This combined with efficient space management allows maximum return on investment.

Sales & Revenue

Bookings can be made online or direct. Whilst rates are managed via our central revenue coordinator using the most up to date pricing logistics and yield management systems. Awareness & sales are driven through our central sales team, tied into our brand marketing campaigns.

The Support

You will receive comprehensive brand manuals covering the design aspects, operational procedures and sales & marketing guidelines. Training for you and your employees will be provided, and we will share with you the advantages of a Quality Assurance Program and periodic Revenue Audits, to ensure brand integrity and profit maximisation.


Q. Why should I work with Roomzzz Aparthotel instead of another franchise?

A. As a growing independent business, a franchise with us is a partnership that will offer you the autonomy to take ownership and manage your aparthotel, vs dictating exactly what you can or can’t do. It’s a partnership we value.

Q. What experience should I have to become a franchisee?

A. One of the main benefits of working with Roomzzz Aparthotel is that our business model requires little hospitality experience from the franchisees, due to the facility provision and the support of the central team provided.

Q. Do I need to prepare a business plan to become a franchisee?

A. As in all businesses, it’s essential to prepare and set out a business plan along with a feasibility study. Don’t worry, we will advise and assist you during both processes, though it is your business and your business decision to make.

Q. How long is a typical franchise agreement?

A. 10 years

Q. What is the minimum requirement on the size of the building?

A. The minimum size is 2500 square meters and the efficiency levels grow as the size increases.

Q. How much do I have to pay to be a franchisee?

A. You’ll need to pay for the development cost, and thereafter our very competitive franchise royalty.