The Benefits Of Long Term Stays For Business Travellers

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So you’re a business traveller looking for somewhere to stay? Roomzzz is the perfect place to fill all your business and leisure needs. If you’re staying on a long term basis, there are benefits that you won’t get at a hotel or apartment. Here are the benefits of long terms stays for business travellers at Roomzzz aparthotels…

Focussed On The Needs Of Business Travellers

We know you’re in town for work. We know you need to get the job done. That’s why we’re focussed on the needs of business travellers so that your experience can be as great as possible. There’s free Wi-Fi in all rooms, work spaces so you can send emails at your desk, and there’s a comfortable bed so you can get a good night’s sleep before your morning meeting.

Flexible Contract Terms

Do you want to stay for one day, a week or one month? However long you want to stay for, we can sort out a contract that’s suitable and flexible for you. If you have a budget in mind, we’ll do our best to accommodate that too. We can offer flexible on-the-day cancellations for reservations up to 7 nights which gives you more flexibility when meetings change last minute. We can do that even if it’s part way through your stay. We know how often that can happen! We also keep it simple by allowing you to book month by month instead of committing to a 6-12 month contract. This also keeps it flexible if you’re looking for a 1-5 month stay, plus there’s no reference checks or guarantor needed!

We’re Pocket Friendly

Be economic with the money in your wallet and keep those bottom lines profitable when staying with Roomzzz. Our key account rates are true value for money and we also have discounted prices if you’re staying for 30 nights or more. Everything is included in one easy payment so you and your business don’t have to worry about bills, council tax, or TV licences.

Great Locations

Roomzzz Aparthotels are also centrally located in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Chester, or Nottingham so you’re never far away from the train station or any businesses you need to go to.

We have 3 Roomzzz Aparthotels in Leeds and 2 in Manchester so you’re definitely spoilt for choice in those cities.

A straight on view of Mancehster's Corn Exchange and restaurants

Cooking And Washing Facilities

Because you’re a business traveller, you might not want to eat out every night. That’s why we’ve created aparthotels with fully fitted kitchens in each room. You can cook the meals you want and enjoy your favourite home-made dish in peace. Plus you can just chill out in front of the TV with your dinner. It’s a real home from home feel. If you’re here long term, you can get an online food shop delivered and we won’t bat an eyelid if you get a Deliveroo to your room. This is your home, so you live and eat how you want.

If you’re at Roomzzz on a long term stay, you’ll be glad to know there are also laundry facilities. That means you don’t have to pack your whole wardrobe while away on business. You can pack light and do your washing as and when you need to.

Do you stay long term on business travel at Roomzzz? Let us know what benefits you enjoy at Roomzzz Aparthotels!

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