Here's Why Nottingham Is Perfect For A Weekend Break

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Nottingham might not be the first place that springs to mind for a weekend break. But, here’s why it’s actually the perfect place to spend a couple of days. There’s history, an independent food scene, and Roomzzz Aparthotel Nottingham is the number 1 hotel in the city…

The Independent Food Scene

There’s one things that’s guaranteed in Nottingham: You won’t go hungry. From artisan coffee roasteries to bakeries with fresh homemade bread, you could spend your whole weekend eating your way around Nottingham but we recommend trying out The Nottingham Doughnut Co. to satisfy that sweet tooth. For a savoury meal, go to Bar Iberico which is an award winning tapas bar or head to Nottingham Street Food Club where you’ll find the best street food vendors from the local area.

Nottingham’s Music Scene Is Second To None

From rock to pop, and dance to indie, Nottingham hosts a whole array of music around the city in various incredible venues. Rock City – conveniently right next door to Roomzzz – has seen legends such as Oasis, David Bowie, and Arctic Monkeys perform for the crowds. If you’re more of a dance music love, Stealth is the place to go to party the night away. Just think you’ll have a comfortable bed at Roomzzz Aparthotel to come back to at the end of the night…

There’s A Rich History To The City

Legend has it that Robin Hood, the outlaw, archer, and swordsman who stole from the rich to give to the poor, came from Nottingham. There are references to Robin Hood throughout Yorkshire and Doncaster, but it’s Nottingham that claims him as their own. There’s even a statue of Robin Hood in Market Square and the history of this heroic folk figure is worth exploring when you’re in Nottingham.

Shop Until You Drop

You’ll find every variety of shops in Nottingham. The Victoria Centre is home to all your high street favourites while the Flying Horse Arcade contains a selection of boutique and higher end brands.

There’s A Home Away From Home Here For You

At Roomzzz Nottingham Aparthotel, we want to give you the best experience when visiting a new city. With comfortable beds and a fully fitted kitchen, you can settle in straight away and know that you’ve got a great base from where to explore the city of Nottingham. Plus, it’s only a 2 minute walk away from all the action so you can in the heart of the city almost immediately meaning you can make the most of your weekend away.

Spend a weekend in Nottingham

So, what do you plan to do on your week in Nottingham? Let us know over on Twitter at @Roomzzz and don’t forget to use #Roomzzz in your social posts for the chance to win a free stay!

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