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Top tech specs for the final frontier of hotels

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From serviced apartments to luxury hotels, boutique B&B’s and spa retreats, technology has revolutionised the way we stay. And it goes well beyond iPod docking stations.

We pride ourselves on providing quality in-Roomzzz facilities, and obsessively stay up to date with developments across the world. So we thought it would be interesting to put together some of the most useful, cutting edge and bizarre technology you could come into contact with on your next city break, business trip or holiday.

As the UK’s leading aparthotel brand, when checking into our hotels in Leeds/Manchester you’ll naturally find a good number of these gizmos and gadgets waiting for you. As for the rest, we’d love to be blasting off to space from the north of England, though that will most probably be a few years away yet…

HD Screens– It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many hotels haven’t invested in the future of TV yet. Widely regarded as the must have device in any address, thankfully many of our Roomzzz offer the chance to cosy up in front of these.

Radiofrequency ID– It may take some time for this to become the standard, but still, we’re impressed by the potential. Guests can forget keys and cards, and gain access to rooms via their mobile phone.

Internet & WiFi– An absolute essential. We’d be nowhere without the internet, and tied to a desktop if it weren’t for wireless. Luckily enough, you’ll find a WiFi connection and gleaming Apple Macintosh in every Roomzzz.

Rotating rooms– OK, so there’s only one place in the world planning this. Nevertheless, we thought the resort on Croatia’s Solta Island that has been toying with revolving technology to give every guest a sea view, worth a mention.

Watching soap(suds)– There’s no better way to unwind than in the bath. With wall-mounted screens, as many Roomzzz have, you can also watch TV, and not worry about dropping the remote in the water.

Lunar lodgings– Sci fi has become reality… well, almost anyway. Orbital Technologies plans to open a four-room hotel, in space. The Russian company hopes guests will be shooting off to the stars on Soyuz shuttles from 2016.

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