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The longest week ever…

Roomzzz blog

Ahhhhh we’re only on day 3 of this week and already it feels like a month since we last had a lie in! Good job there’s only one more day to go hey? So what’s set for today? Well you’d have had to have been asleep for the last month not to know that it’s polling day…. and aside from the usual local elections we are being asked for our opinion on an alternative voting system… whatever your personal preference – make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to shape history!

Whilsy busying ourselves trying not to feel weary we’ve been counting up all the ways you can stay with Roomzzz and get the max for your money…

1. The Royalty Club – join now on our website for free and receive instant discount of 10% – the more you stay the greater the discount, so when you get to 25 stays you’ll get 15% discount and when you hit 75 you’ll get 20%! So what’s to lose? Luxury stays at budget prices….

2. The Blue Cross Sale – Yes for one day only – any room, in any location,
Manchester or Leeds, on any date in 2011 will be yours with a whacking 50% discount. Make your booking on 11th May between 8am and 8pm by calling 0844 499 4888.

3. Friday
Favourites – win a free night’s stay at Roomzzz – simply visit our facebook pages for Manchester and Leeds – like them and then stay tuned for news on how to win…. this week we’re asking you to tell us your favourite things about staying at Roomzzz. Our favourite commentator will win a free night in Leeds on 13th May!

So whilst we have one more day at work this week…. there’s a lot to be cheery about! Why not take part in one of our promotions and come to see us at Roomzzz soon!

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