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The ‘finest’ in Leeds beats the tallest in the world

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We’ve all been rather astounded this week. On Monday it was announced that Broadcasting Place, part of Leeds Metropolitan University, had been named the World’s Best New Tall Building.

It’s surprising that this 20-storey high-rise has fended off the new, sleek Bank of America HQ in North Carolina. Furthermore, the fact that this educational site has managed to pip the Burj Khalifa to the post- currently the planet’s tallest building- was even more shocking.

The new structure on Leeds’ skyline certainly is different. Consisting of five core pieces, the angles do offer something new, while the rust coloured cladding should ensure the building ages well. But, despite the impressive accolade, and the obvious innovation at work here, we still say there’s better architecture afoot in Yorkshire’s largest conurbation.

Leeds Town Hall, Gallery and Henry Moore Institute
Actually three buildings, as they’re all on the same site we thought we’d put them together. The Town Hall is the city’s most impressive Victorian building, while the Gallery and Henry Moore are all about contemporary lines.

Kirkstall Abbey
Skyscrapers are like churches of commerce, so it makes sense to start here. Constructed in 1152 by Cistercian monks, one of England’s best-preserved abbeys is well located close to Roomzzz Leeds West.

Hyde Park Picture House
Bang in the middle of student-ville sits this early 20th Century treasure. Constructed in 1914, as Britain went to war in Europe, it’s pretty much unchanged from those days, making for a classic cinema experience.

Victoria Quarter
The most luxurious shopping in town in the most opulent surroundings the city has to offer. Think Ted Baker, Martinique and Yves Saint Laurent, punctuated with fountains and history in the north’s own Knightsbridge.

The Corn Exchange
It had to be in here really. If not Leeds’ best known, then certainly one of its most visited buildings. The breathtaking central room houses lovingly restored units, and a ceiling that’s worth the visit alone.

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