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The best travel blogs in the world… ever

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Bloggers. Scourge of traditional journalism or the next generation of trend-setters, movers and shakers?

The jury has been out for some time, though increasingly people are respecting these independent editors, referencing their work, and awarding their achievements. We appreciate their craft, and as such have put together this list of the best travel blogs in cyberspace.

Travel Rants
Travel rants discusses everything from banning alcohol on flights, to the worst (and best) budget hotels in London. It’s all aimed at spreading knowledge, saving explorers time, money and hassle in the process.

The Perrin Post
Despite the confusing number of posts regarding Richard Branson, The Perrin Post is written by Wendy Perrin, who works on luxury publisher Conde Naste’s Traveler magazine. As far as we can see, she has nothing to do with Virgin.

Escape Blog
Travel on a far flung scale. From Jordan and the Dead Sea to Moscow and the Gobi Desert, it’s all here. Written with wit and a desire to pass on local secrets, it really does make for an invaluable read.

Technology shapes our lives, and the travel world is no different. From theme park ticketing apps to the latest Facebook functionality, learn how it affects where you’re flying to, and who’s taking you there.

You don’t apply a label like ‘The UK Travel Blog’ without good reason. Wandalust provides British travellers with tips on avoiding excess charges, staying safe, and selecting the perfect destination.

Seat 61
Who is the man in seat 61? It’s a question that’s banded about quite a bit on this blog site. We’re not too bothered, but his advice on UK and international travel by rail and boat is vital for fearful fliers.

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