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It’s hotly tipped for Oscar success on February 27th. And last Sunday it did a good job cleaning up at the BAFTAs.

Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech is a movie title we’re all familiar with. Award season is now here, which has reminded us of when the feature opened last year’s Leeds International Film Festival, just around the corner from our innovative combination of serviced apartments and luxury hotels in Leeds.

When it came to our hometown tickets sold out weeks in advance of the screening. It’s not surprising really, as Britain’s largest regional cinema celebration was one of the first places in the world to show the film, just a fortnight after the world premiere.

The story of George V’s son, Prince Albert, and his problematic stammer has proved popular to say the least. The Director’s Guild of America voted the artistic mastermind behind it Best Director, while the equivalent body of producers rated it their Best Picture. And the accolades haven’t stopped there.

At the British Academy of Film & Television Awards it won Best Film, Best Outstanding British Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Leading & Supporting Actors and Best Original Music amongst others. At the forthcoming American Academy Awards a further 12 categories carry The King’s Speech in and amongst the nominations, meaning it will be surprising if more room on the ensemble mantelpiece isn’t needed very soon.

From Colin Firth’s remarkable portrayal of the leading royal, to Helena Bonham Carter’s acclaimed supporting role, we’d say it’s amongst the best films we’ve seen in some time. And, better still, if you haven’t managed to see it yet there are plenty of chances to make amends at many of Leeds’ ample cinemas.

A true movie-loving city, if you’re looking for more filmy activities while you’re here then check out the Leeds Film Quarter screenings, which continue this month. Next Thursday, February 24th will see Ann Turner’s Celia shown to all interested parties in the Albert Room of the Town Hall- a truly intimate venue fit for a story heralded as Stand By Me crossed with Francois Truffaut’s masterpiece The 400 Blows.

And, further out of town, the Hyde Park Picture House, one of the oldest independents in the UK, has even more treats on offer. The Coen Brothers’ latest, True Grit, will be on until February 25th, at which point The Fighter takes over, along with Never Let Me Go, the latest feature from music video legend Mark Romanek- just in case you want to leave the comfort of your Aparthotel.

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