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How do you like yours?

Roomzzz blog

Got to be traditional stylee… lemon and sugar without a shadow of a doubt – although we read somewhere this weekend a certain famous chef like his with melted mars bar sauce poured over roast bananas…(huh?)

There are others who fill theirs with fruit and others on a chocolate tip whose main goal in life is to empty a jar of Nutella (not the small size either)

Then is the question about how do you serve? Carefully rolled with the insides squeezing out or flat as the proverbial with a sprinkle of sugar?

We reckon if you’re a purist (lemon and sugar) or an indulgent exhibitionist (melted mars bars) you should know exactly what we’re on about here…

Lucky for you that if you’re in the vicinity of Leeds and Manchester over the next few days you too can be flipping pancakes with the best of them…Not only are our aparthotels boutique and beautiful they are also beautifully practical with designer kitchens especially perfect for whipping up a tasty treat. Who said that luxury hotel accommodation couldn’t give you everything your heart desires and more? Not us… we give you luxury to suit all pockets AND a place to make flippin perfect pancakes…

So that’s sorted. Just one more thing… just how do you like yours? Answers on our Facebook if you would be so kind!

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